Kaleidoscope Bible Sharing for Preachers

In a diverse multi-contextual world, preachers are challenged in how to connect the Word with a community of people with very different cultural experiences and backgrounds in the same sermon.  For example, what does a sermon sound like when you have people from different political affirmation, racial background and economic status listening? 

You are invited to join The Rev. Dr. Eric H. F. Law, the Founder and Innovator of the Kaleidoscope Institute, for a weekly Tuesday gathering of preachers in multi-contextual communities.  If you are not a preacher, please consider forwarding this invitation to any preachers you know. Come spend an hour each week with Eric to reflect on a lectionary text for the upcoming Sunday and to listen and share with other preachers - ideas, stories, techniques, and processes for sharing the Word in diverse communities.  We will use a combination of the multi-contextual preaching model Eric shared in his book, The Word at the Crossing and the Kaleidoscope Bible Sharing process. The gatherings will take place on Zoom at 9am Pacific/12 noon Eastern. 

Try it out for February - the dates are 2/7, 2/14, 2/21, and 2/28. 

Register at: MC Preaching Graphic




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